Could You Use More Happiness in Your Life?

Learn how to recognize your patterns of cynicism, worry, anxiety, dependence, and self-sabotaging emotions that keep you feeling stuck and tired and numb, or flipping out that your life isn't... more.

Why Your Definition of Happiness isn't working, vid 1
Why Your Definition of Happiness isn't working, vid 2
Why Your Definition of Happiness isn't working, vid 3
This is a series of four zoom webinars I ran over a year ago, (and wow, have I learned a lot since then!!)

The first one I have posted for you, enjoy, gratis, on the house:)

But since, I don't want to slow down my site, if you'd like the other webinars and the rest of the freebie goodies, please signup for the emailed workshop series below.


It is about 9emails and they will be spaced about 2hrs apart.


I had designed this webinar to show you how to bring more happiness into your life. 


At the time, I had just finished conducting over 100 interviews on a global-scale about the biggest obstacles we face in becoming happier people. 

After sifting through the answers, I found people tripping over similar obstacles, and limiting their happiness in life.

These self-imposed limitations can negatively impact relationships, career advancement, self-esteem, and health!

I am excited to share this webinar series that will speak to four of the most common and biggest blocks AND how to overcome them!


Why your Definition of Happiness... isn't actually making you happy!' 

- This is the basis for moving through the webinar series and will help clear away frustration and confusion around this topic.


'Quit Giving Your Happiness Away!'  

- Learn one of your biggest mistakes around happiness and how to STOP the carnage!


Stop the Emotional Rollercoaster.'  

- Happy today, depressed last week, up yesterday, down today... this is exhausting! Learn how happiness can be renewing.


'Keeping Your Happiness No Matter What!'  

- Life happens. And yet... we can still be the drivers of our own emotions, rather than victims. 


And for everyone that is ready to take the next step in their happiness journey, I am sharing THREE of my PERSONAL coaching resources that I have crafted.


  • 'Understanding Your Happiness Level' that I use in my coaching practice. It will further YOUR understanding of your happiness and give you the next step for our second webinar.

  • 'How to Create More Space in Your Life, Almost Instantly' will be shared before the second webinar and is all about showing you how to get OUT of your own way. Most of the time we are our OWN worst critics, this little genius of an exercise will help you release that negative voice.

  • 'How to Release Fears, Dread, and Stuck Parts' will be sent out before the third webinar and will walk you through an evergreen emotional rescue process.