My Happiness MasterClass

Four Months of opportunities to focus on you and your journey... in do-able, bite-sized chunks.

My Happiness Masterclass will use My Happiness Handbook as a place to start but go a lot deeper, broader, and include some of the deleted goodies that didn't make the final version!


It will also be multimedia so the harder, newer concepts will be more clear.

Why a Masterclass?

Basically, I was asked for something that had more support, more encouragement, more background info, and a little more depth to the experience than a book (even the best book) could provide.


So, the Masterclass (if you show up authentically and do the exercises), ABSOLUTELY will help you to be happier, more resilient.

You will have more techniques in your emotional tool belt to pull from when faced with life challenges.


You will feel more balanced and calm.


You will be easier to be around, your loved ones will thank you!

You will find yourself more productive, creative, and healthier!

​You'll learn how to protect yourself from negative unhappy people.

You will be able to keep your cool in the face of fire.

You will be able to recharge your happy batteries no matter what life throws at ya.

And, if you have honestly gone thru this program with mindfulness, and it didn't help ya a lick? I'll refund half your cost.

So hang onto your knickers, can't wait to get this party started!

  • Weekly email with unreleased text, extra questions, and more thorough explanations, including a SHORT video.

  • Weekly 30min Live Facebook Group Q & A, a fun chance to interact with each other and get immediate answers.

  • UNLIMITED email support during the 4month program.

  • Being able to share the experience with others in a safe environment.

  • FREE personal ZOOM session on your highest frustration point with becoming happier.


Payment options
      Purchase for whole class @ $150 only


                                           Purchase class on monthly basis @ $47/month (for four months auto.)